hotel prinzessin rupprecht

Our History

In 1902 the building was built as a military hospital.

In the annual report of 1901 / 1902 it states that Lazarett consisted of the following:

1) Hospital with 13 rooms and 2 rooms with toilets,

2) Building consisting of 6 housekeeper rooms, 2 Corridors and a lounge for the housekeeper

3) A depot consisting of 4 rooms and 1 room for the depot manager

1904 – 1908 it was changed into a military hospital and on May 14, 1909 was run as the new
District Hospital.

On December 27, 1909 the District Hospital was closed and thereafter handed over to the City of

1912 The City of Swakopmund and the “Bavarian Association of the women of the Red Cross
for the Colonies” combined the formation of a Board of Trustees between them.

On April 1, 1914 the handing over of the building at the Bavarian National Association of the
Red Cross for the colonies with the requirement to set up a rest home took place.

Originally it was named after the late wife of the Bavarian Crown Prince, Rupprecht Maria
Luitpold Ferdinand, Maria Gabriele Princess Rupprecht Home which was supervised by MARIE
DOUGLAS. Ample funds for the renovation, including the beautiful curved Pediment on the
roof were funded by her.

In 1925 a delivery station opened on the rear grounds after an agreement with the Catholic
Hospital in addition, because the delivery station at the hospital was closed.

In the middle of the 1930’s a Children’s Recovery and Baby Home was opened and in 1954 an
extension and conversion for a Student Hostel was done.

1980 Renovation for the district Hall was done and rented out to the Rössing Uramium Mining
Company Limited.

From 1985 onwards, the student population was very low and disappointing; they started taking
in to some seniors, therefore the conversion to a retirement home.

April 1989 the closure of the maternity ward took place and was it was converted into a nursing

The hotel building remained a pension since the takeover of the Bavarian National Association.