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Situated in the lovely Namibian town of Swakopmund, the historic Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht is well positioned to offer its guests both comfort and convenience. While touring through Namibia, take the opportunity to enjoy a few days at the wonderful coastline of the country. With its friendly and tranquil atmosphere, Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht looks forward to welcoming you.

The Hotel

Enjoy Swakomund and visit the Jetty, an old boarding bridge during colonial times, which today is again fully accessible. The Mole is also worth visiting. In the morning you can see the fishing boats going out to sea and bringing back their catches in the afternoon. If you want you can even spend a day on the boat to try your luck at fishing.


Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht is the ideal place from which to explore all the tourist attractions which Swakopmund has to offer such as desert tours, seal and dolphin cruises, visits to the museum and the aquarium, dune surfing, hot air ballooning over the astonishing Namib Desert and much, much more. Ask our staff to help you booking tours, or where to find a cafe or restaurant.