COVID-19 Standards

On behalf of Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht & staff we welcome you back.

It is our aim to think positive towards a different future
We hope your stay with us will be welcoming and relaxing

We want to reassure our guests that we put intensive emphasis on hygiene and put precautionary measures in place to still offer our guests a comfortable feeling during their stay

Hand sanitisers are available in all areas throughout the hotel. We encourage our guests and staff to make use of these on a regular basis

All high use areas are being sanitised on a strict schedule

We keep the number of staff on the premises to a minimum at all times and the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory for employees on the premises

Social distancing rules are in place for the number of employees that may occupy in the same space at a time and the same rules also apply to guests making use of our facilities

An attendance register is kept for all persons / guests entering the Hotel

Services available during guests stay:

Breakfast will be served for residents on a daily basis between 7h00 until 09h30 in the dining room

Masks and hand sanitisers can be bought at reception

Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht is fully registered with NTB and HAN and follows all their guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you back at Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht

Please feel free to contact our Management and Team for any questions, queries or assistance